Keynotes – January 2017

Dear Redeemed in Christ, I trust you had a great Christmas celebration either with us or with your loved ones. Here is what some other Christians have been up to! There is an organization called “Five Two” that is working to start new churches. The goal is similar to PLI in that we are all trying to change how we do things to reach more people.

Their methods are not typical of what we have seen traditionally. They have been thinking and operating ‘out of the box’ and they have been rather successful. At the core we all know the only way to grow the church is by regular, frequent, interaction with non-Christians in non-church settings. The following is an account of what happened with such a plan. It takes place in a pub. If that alarms you it shouldn’t considering that Martin Luther is known for teaching by taking bar tunes and adding Christian lyrics.

My hope is that this can inspire us all to find new ways of reaching people with God’s Word of grace, love and forgiveness.

Happy New Year!
Pastor Oatman

It All Started in a Pub

Three years ago, Will Kemp – a FiveTwo Catalyst, started “Theological Pub” – a weekly gathering at a local pub – with the purpose of creating a fun and inviting place for non-Christians to come and talk about the hard questions of life. They became regulars at a local pub and developed great relationships with both the owner of the pub and those in the community.

Three months ago, Jesus did an incredible thing at one of the pub nights. Will tells it best.

The best night was a couple of months ago when a regular attendee finally got sober at Theological Pub! His name is Casey, and he’s struggled with Meth for 14 years. He’s now been transformed by the Gospel and has been three months sober and has been living in a sober living home with the financial and spiritual support of our Theological Pub community. He decided to get sober during one of our typical pub nights, so we rallied the whole group – 15 of us – and prayed for him to get sober in the middle of the pub! It was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences of my life. We could tangibly feel the Spirit lifting the slavery and oppression of Casey’s addiction off of his shoulders.

Casey and Will
Casey (L) and Will (R)

With the support of FiveTwo, Will’s “band of brothers”, Will had the courage to start something new that shone Jesus’ light so people like Casey could experience freedom from darkness.

While preaching to the masses, Jesus says those who follow Him are as lights on a hill, beacons of love and peace to the world.  You and I are called to shine Jesus’ light so more and more people can experience the freedom Jesus has for them.

We would be honored if you helped shine the light of Jesus in communities across the U.S by giving a gift to FiveTwo today.