Pastor Mark Oatman



††††††††††† I am so glad you have taken this opportunity to visit us online! We have so much to offer you. We offer people something unique these days; we offer them peace, love, joy, and above
hope. And we offer these free of charge to all people.

††††††††††† Are there struggles in your life that hold you down?

††††††††††† Are you burdened by illness, relationships, or a spiritual hunger?

††††††††††† Do you have questions about God or the Bible?

††††††††††† Are you looking for a peace that you just havenít been able to find somewhere else?

††††††††††† I am very sure that we can help. God has blessed us with so much. Our joy is to share what God has given us so that other people can appreciate the love of God as well. Unless you have experienced His love, you can not imagine how much it can and will change your life. I just love it when people walk away from Bible Classes with a smile on their faces because they have seen even more of what God has done for them. Some days itís like watching a child realize that they can read for the fist time.

††††††††††† Our work is the most rewarding of any I can think of. We get to give people Heaven. Yes, there is an expectation that people live a life dedicated to God rather than to themselves, but I assure you that this life is more fulfilling than any life apart from God.

††††††††††† I used to work in Silicon Valley. I was a Product Engineering Supervisor working with computer memories. The money was nice. The people were nice. We made good products. But something was lacking. There was a greed all around that was hollow and unfulfilling. The more people earned the more they needed to earn more. So many of them werenít happy, not really.

††††††††††† Now I work with people who can see a whole world more than what we typically perceive. They see the Kingdom of God. They experience a peace that goes well beyond any other experience on earth. I use the phrase ďCome for a visit; stay for a lifetime of Godís blessings.Ē I assure you that I will not be going back to work in Silicon Valley as an Engineer.

††††††††††† In case you are wondering about my background Ė I was born and raised in a Christian home. I came to faith and was Baptized at three weeks old. I grew up on the San Francisco peninsula going to San Mateo High School. I then went to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. (BSEE) After working in Silicon Valley for about 20 years I went to Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis Missouri. I was called to be pastor of St. Peterís in 2002.

††††††††††† My greatest joy is to share the Good News that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has died for the sins of all people. He was also raised from the dead on the first Easter Sunday morning. By faith in Him, anyone can have eternal life in Heaven.

††††††††††† If you have any comments or questions, please contact me.


††††††††††† (510) 638-7017



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