St. Peter's offers even more
Bible Studies than just Sundays!
Women's Bible Study
Tuesday Mornings - 10:00 AM
Don't miss this powerful opportunity for women to learn about Jesus and His forgiveness. These studies discuss issues relevant to the women of today, and how they related to the Bible.
Adult Bible Study
Thursday Mornings - 10: AM
This is the most in-depth Bible Study at St. Peter's. We will accept all questions and explore God's Word to see if we can come to a resolution. Some times the answer has to be "God doesn't answer that one." But we learn so much about what God DOES say in the process!
Stories of the Bible
Wednesday Evenings - 7:00 PM
There is more to those stories than you learned in Sunday School! Join us in taking an
 indepth look at the memorable, and even some not-so-memorable Bible Stories from a
new vantage point as a maturing Christian. This class is intended for all levels of
experience and learning. Please call church office for location. (510) 638-7017
Saturday Bible Study Breakfast
The 1st Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM we hold a special gathering of three
congregations for a great Breakfast, some Bible Study and some fellowship.
(We may meet the the second Saturday to resolve scheduling issues)
Please call the church office to verify the day for each month (510) 638-7017)