Ministry Moments – Merry Christmas, 2019

The Wonder of Christmas/Xmas

          It’s that time of year – Christmas/holiday season/Hanukkah/Kwanza. There’s the hustle and bustle of the “season”. A time to rush around, spend more money that you really want to spend, make sure everything is set up at home, in the church, all the activities must be perfect; it is the season after all. It is a beautiful time of year, right? Everyone is smiling, especially the retailers.

Where is the joy and anticipation we used to have? What would happen if the tree didn’t get put up on time or the presents didn’t get wrapped, and the feast didn’t get prepared?  What if no one is coming over to celebrate with us? Would Christmas cease? What are we celebrating? The Season or the reason for the season?

God came to Earth as a baby, a little helpless baby. Why? Because we needed Him to come, we are sinners and without Him there is no hope, no joy, no future. Because He came, we have hope of a brighter life, a life eternal. We have the joy of knowing we are safe from eternal separation from Him. We have a future forever with Him.

          Enjoy the time with family and friends but don’t let all the hustle and bustle of this time of year get in the way of the real celebration. If the tree goes up a bit late or maybe not at all, remember, Jesus still came for you. If all the presents to get purchased and wrapped perfectly and under the tree at just the right time, remember Jesus came for you. If part of the feast doesn’t make it to the table, remember Jesus came for you.

Enjoy your family, share the Story of Jesus from Luke 2. One of my fondest memories is my Pappa  reading from the big family Bible and all the kids sitting around his rocking chair enamored by his voice and the Biblical account. This little baby came for me! He came for you! Because of HIM, WE have a place in Heaven forever.