Ministry Moments – God’s Work / Our Hands

A bit of a different story that Debbie shared this month:

Debbie, Justin’s mom shared a “Justin story” and I have been given the joy and privilege of sharing it with you. I thank Debbie for that privilege and honor and I thank God for sharing Justin with me and this World. He is and always will be a blessing.


This is my friend Justin, I have known him since he was around 2 years old. He was in class with my daughter, Christiana when she was the same age. Justin has always been “non-verbal” and yet he has always had that amazing smile and willingness to be the best friend anyone could want. Christiana was quiet and shy, Justin was “quiet” and anxious and willing to do things. Christiana was verbal and was able to sign with Justin so they could talk and play with each other. Justin loves and has always loved music and they would sing and sway to the music together. We missed Justin when Christiana moved to another class/school. We would see Justin and his mom at times when we were living in Santa Clara and sometimes at the church where Christiana attended school until we moved to St. Louis. It was always fun to see that Justin remembered us and would always have a smile and a gentle touch for us. He can be very insistent when he wants to greet his friends, I remember that about him and it makes me smile because he is so genuine with his love and compassion. I am friends with his mom on Facebook so I can catch up on what is going on in Justin’s life and the life of his mom and sister, it is a joy!

What Justin and Debbie are doing in God’s ministry.

Today we ran errands to 3 different places in Oakdale. At each place, people knew Justin and loved receiving his jokes. The really interesting place was the car wash. I handed the joke to the employee that was closest to the car because Justin was on the wrong side to hand it to her and he was insisting. As I rolled down the window, she told me they had a “book of Justin” inside that sits on their break table. I gave her a puzzled look and she continued, “We have a whole book where we put his jokes so that we can look at it during our breaks and laugh.” Hahahahaha………..I guess Justin is now kind of like an author…or is that a cartoonist…nah, it’s probably closer to a comedian that people watch frequently, at least local people. God has been speaking to me about Justin’s ministry and He is using Justin to open doors. It’s been pretty interesting what God is saying. I don’t see the whole picture yet. But we are to be working as a team. Justin opens the door and then I am to go through the door with a different kind of ministry. God is so creative!

Thank you Justin and Debbie for sharing yourselves and God’s love with everyone. Thank you God for giving us Justin and Debbie, we are truly blessed.

In HIS service,