Keynotes – June/July 2019

Ink Relationships

I recently had a friend contact me setting up a time to meet and to be able to relax, to listen and comfort, to mourn and rejoice. This is someone with whom I can share anything knowing that it will be kept confidential. Knowing what was to come I replied with an email noting that this was being recorded in ink on my calendar. In doing that I realized that this is an “Ink Relationship.”

An ink relationship is so important to us that we are willing to shift our schedule in order to make it work. An ink relationship is the one event on your calendar that is entered, by both of you, with no thought of something else getting in the way.

Who is that much of a friend for you? To be clear, that this isn’t one of your many friends who are ‘ink relationships’ but the one friend that you can always count on. Yes, this person is someone in addition to your spouse who should always be your first concern. I certainly hope you have an ink relationship.

If you thought of Jesus as your ink relationship friend, that’s great, and yet we all benefit from having another friend who we look forward to meeting in person in a very tangible way. Do you have such a friend? I recommend it!

Having said that, I also hope you see Jesus as an Ink Relationship Friend. I know I benefit greatly from stopping from the rest of the day and sitting down with Jesus, hearing His Word, sharing with Him in prayer and listening for His answers in His still, quiet, voice.

Unfortunately we have developed technology that allows us to enter a meeting in our electronic devices with one button and remove them just as easily. When we can discard an ink relationship, is it really as important as we thought? We are also tempted to discard our relationship with Jesus. I know my day can be filled and overflowing with so many things to do that finding time for Jesus … is that really open for discussion? Sadly, I think our relationship with Jesus is more easily deleted than so many others that have far less meaning.

We have a relationship with Jesus that goes beyond ink! Perhaps we should call that a Blood relationship. Jesus died for us. He took on our sin and overcame the consequence of eternal death. Jesus loves us and wants to partner with us in everything. When God is for us, who can be against us? Is that a relationship we are willing to erase?


The next time you think you want to spend some time with Jesus; do it. Even if only mentally, write it in ink, or better yet, remember it was written in His Blood. It is well worth the time with a good friend and with Jesus. Both are beneficial!

Pastor Oatman