PLI Ministry Moments – May, 2018

PLI Ministry MomentsWe are just returning from our final PLI Immersion. It has been an amazing experience. We have learned so much about being Missional Leaders. When we first started we thought we would be doing a lot of work, meeting new people, going out and getting people to join the Church. All that is very true, however there is more. We have learned it is not enough for us (Pastor and I) to go out and get people to join the Church. It is far more than that. It is reaching out to people and being their friends, it is walking along side of the people already in the Church and becoming Disciples together. Working together to reach those who are “lost”, not connected. It is making new friends, and working together with our old friends. It is not easy, sometimes it can be discouraging, but it is so worth it.

Those of us who have been in the Church for many years and in some cases all our lives can take things for granted. We assume that “if we build it, they will come”, they will follow, they will assimilate to our way of doing things. That doesn’t work. You see something I learned is to listen to what people are looking for. Sometimes I need to be the one to change or just be
there to be a friend. They have grown up in a different world. They may not see the need for God. That to me is very sad, and scary, however to them it is normal. I need to get to know what is important to them, listen to what their needs are, and be willing to wait for them to give me permission to tell them about me, my needs and what God has done in my life. You see, I
have a story to tell, maybe many stories to tell. I know what God has done and continues to do for me, but someone else may not be so interested in hearing my story, unless I am willing to listen to their story first.
Something else I have learned is that I need to be willing to allow other followers of Jesus to take control of things as well. I need to let go of control of what I do for the Church and allow everyone to step up and be disciples. God has called all of us to follow Him. He sent His Son to save us, but He also sent His Son to teach us by example.
Jesus said “Come, follow Me”. His disciples did follow Him, they listened and they saw His example and they learned from His Words and His example. Not one of His disciples was perfect. Not one of His disciples did
and said all the right things. Sometimes they doubted, sometimes they said the wrong things, sometimes they put their foot in their mouths, but they still followed Him, they still learned from Him and they kept trying to reach those who were lost. They were not always successful,but they kept trying.
I am called to follow Christ, my Savior, I am called to be an example to His people and to reach those who don’t know Him yet. I am committed to this calling. I know Pastor is committed to this calling and we will serve the Lord with gladness. We will continue to do ministry however we can. We will continue to reach out and love our members, neighbors and anyone God puts in our lives. Praise God for His calling and the lessons we learned at PLI and the support from our PLI friends and family. Praise God for your support and your willingness to step forward and walk with us to reach the lost. It will not always be easy, it may even be uncomfortable at times, but it the right thing to do. We MUST follow Jesus’ example and walk