Keynotes – March 2018

Who are you?

If someone asked you the question, “Who are you?” you might answer with your name.Then with slightly different emphasis they might ask, “Yes, but who are you?”

The question is looking for a much deeper answer to a common question. We could answer father/mother,brother/sister, uncle/aunt, husband/wife. But that still doesn’t get at our heart. People want to know our profession, our likes and dislikes. They want to know our hobbies, favorite colors and foods. They want to know what led up to us living where we do driving the car we drive, and where we are heading.When we answer to that depth it might take an encyclopedia to fully answer the question.And when someone knows us that well they might have a good idea “who we are.” If that was the criteria, how many people do we really “know?” I would think that the number is rather small for most of us. How many people know you to that level? Are the relationships we share deep or shallow?

Something that simply can’t be missed when we know someone well is what is in our heart regarding Jesus. If we truly love Jesus and desire to serve Him above all else, it will show. It’s going to ‘leak’ out without our even trying to figure out the right words. We will simply live it each day.PLI is helping us to see that if we want to grow the Kingdom of God, it takes a significant change to our standard shallow relationships. It takes walking with one another just as Jesus walked with His disciples. They ate with Him, drank with Him. They went through storms together. He challenged them and they challenged Him. They listened to each other. They prayed together.Perhaps most importantly the disciples started to identify themselves as followers of Jesus.It didn’t matter anymore who was the best fisherman. It didn’t matter who could collect the most taxes. It didn’t matter if you could heal someone. What mattered was being a Child of God.

As we move forward in our ministry, let’s focus on the fact that we are the beloved Children of God. What we have accomplished is outshined by far, by what Jesus has accomplished for us. That is how we rejoice during Lent and the whole year!

Don’t ask me,“Who are you?” rather ask, “Whose are you?

Pastor Oatman