November 18 – Congregation meeting and neighborhood potluck

November 18 – 9am. Congregation Meeting

November 18 – Following congregation meeting

Your neighbors at 160 and 166, Breed and 172 Breed Avenue , Tony, Robin, and Debbie are planning a Neighborhood potluck for November 18, 2017 at 11:30 AM to be held in the Fellowship hall at 294 Broadmoor.

Please join us for some great food, and an opportunity to get to know our neighbors. No program, no agenda, just time to get to know one another. We will be playing Pirate Bingo for those that are interested. Bring a “white elephant” gift costing no more than $10.00 to play the game. When you win Bingo, you get to choose a gift, but beware, if someone else wins a game they have a chance to “pirate” your gift, but you can “pirate” it back the next time you win. This is a fun game to play. There will be activities and games for kids that don’t want to play bingo.

Bring a dish to share, drinks, plates and utensils will be provided. If you have questions call Debbie at 510-303-0072

We look forward to seeing you all there.