PLI – Ministry Moments – May 2017

PLI Ministry Moments

We continue to be lifted up by our PLI Huddles. We meet every other week on line. We pray for each other and our Community groups. We talk about what is going on in our lives and lift each other up in prayer and encourage one another. We have become good friends and it is nice to know we have people praying for us caring about us and supporting us around the country. Last week we lifted one of the women up in prayer as she is struggling with her job a church and the fact that they still don’t have a pastor and one of her closest co-workers at church has accepted a call. She was feeling alone and frightened. We all committed to keeping her and her congregation in our prayers as well as her co-worker going to another call. It feels good to pray for friends and support them through their difficult times and also to be prayed for and lifted up.

It was wonderful to know that when we were going through our trials during Mom and Dad’s illness and Mom’s death, we not only had all of you praying for us, but we had our friends in Wisconsin, and Florida praying for us and with us. It was a great comfort.

As we continue with PLI, we are finding that this is what we can be and should be for everyone we meet. It has been a pleasure to pray with and for our next door neighbors as they were dealing with the serious illness and subsequent death of their daughter. To lift them up in prayer and be that “friendly” voice and shoulder to lean on was a privilege and honor. I am finding it is so uplifting to be friends and pray for people that I don’t know very well. I do know God knows these people and He cares and my willingness to pray with them or for them is appreciated. I may never see them in church, but they have been touched by God through a simple prayer, a moment in time.

Our Community group is going well. We enjoy meeting with Pastor Aldrich and Steve H. from Zion, Kay S., Sharon M., and Clara Co from Grace in Hayward, and Geneva, Pastor and I from St. Peter’s. We are all working to learn to be Missional leaders and we really enjoy the exercises we are doing to practice reaching out. This is an exciting adventure and everyone seems to enjoy the personal growth process that is taking place.

Your prayers are coveted, and very much appreciated. We are committed to working hard and learning all we can

Debbie Oatman