PLI – Ministry Moments – June 2017


PLI Ministry Moments
Change! That is a word, statement, action that is not always comfortable for us. We don’t want to change, we are comfortable with the way things are. The way we are is safe, it is the way we grew up with, possibly the way our parents and grandparents did it. To change or do something different is unknown, we are unsure of what will happen, it can be scary. However, someone, somewhere in our past had to change, to move to a different home, to leave “the familiar” and go somewhere new. Even trying out a new recipe can be “change”. When you got married and left your parent’s home, that was change. It was new, it was different, you didn’t do everything the same way your parents did. You made mistakes, you had good times and sometimes things didn’t turn out exactly right, but you kept going, you kept trying. You even learned new and different ways of doing things was a good thing.

PLI has opened my mind to what change can mean. I am beginning to understand that there is change in every day, and everything we do and experience. No two days are exactly alike so we change a bit every day. I am finding it exciting to learn new ways to talk to people, new ways to get to know people and especially new ways to listen to what my new friends have to say and what they are feeling. If we are going to grow and succeed, we all need to change, even just a little change is a great thing. PLI is exciting, it is different, it is new, it is hard, but it is so very rewarding. Please pray for us to accept, and learn what change can mean for St. Peter’s and Grace Lutheran Churches and for each of us individually. To God be the Glory.

There is one thing that NEVER changes and we can rejoice in is GOD’s Love and commitment to us.

Debbie Oatman