PLI – Ministry Moments – April 2017

PLI Ministry MomentsJust returning from our most recent PLI Immersion session, we are both excited and in awe of what God can and will accomplish. We are so grateful for the support and prayers you have all given us.

This immersion was focused on goals, setting goals, following through with goals, and learning to wait for God’s answer to prayers regarding accomplishing those goals. We are blessed to have our Focus group as our support and coaches. The members hold each other accountable to making sure goals are worked on and achieved, as well as encourage them along the way.

It has been incredible to work on the Missional Leadership training. We have had many encounters with people along the way. It is amazing to see how God uses us and how He places people in our everyday lives. We are learning to be patient and allow God to be the one to truly reach these individuals. This is not something that happens over night. It takes time and willingness to hear what their needs are and also listen to what God’s plan is. Of course, it is God’s desire to have all people in Heaven, however it is according to His timing and will that the people we meet will believe. The Holy Spirit is the one who will touch their hearts and minds and bring them to Christ. It may take a very long time before we have a Christian relationship with them.

As I continue to pray about this I am reminded of a movie that I enjoyed “Under the Tuscan Sun”. In this movie a young American woman goes to Italy and buys a villa in Tuscany. It is an arduous task to get this Villa livable and she not only has to put it in order, but she is hindered by the fact that she does not speak the language fluently. She makes friends along the way and learns much. One gentleman she encountered particularly touched me and helped me understand. As she was working on the villa, she stood on a balcony that overlooked the road in front. An old gentleman walked the road and stopped at a monument/memorial and placed flowers each day. She started on the first day she saw him by smiling and waving to him. His response was a frown and to turn abruptly and continue on his way. Each day this was repeated, it was discouraging to her and at times she was frustrated. She didn’t give up, every day she would wave and smile at the old gentleman, each day he would frown and turn his back to her and walk away. After several years – yes, years one morning she smiled, and waved. He frowned, began to walk away, but he stopped. He turned and gave her a small smile and a small wave. It was a start, it was a beginning. That has helped me understand that everyone I meet will not immediately respond to me positively, but that God is in control, all I need to do is be their friend and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work and His will, not mine.

It is a long process, but I am learning that God’s timing and will is perfect. Again thank you for your support and prayers, they are treasured.