PLI – Ministry Moments – March 2017

PLI Ministry Moments


We are looking forward to our PLI Conference this month. We will be traveling to Florida for the conference and once again meeting with the whole group. It will be fun to see what accomplishments the other groups have had. We have enjoyed meeting with our Huddles. The men and women meet separately via video conference every two weeks and every couple months we meet as couples. It has been helpful and encouraging to meet with these people and hear about their successes and also hear about things that may not have worked as well as they had hoped. We are able to encourage one another and build each other up. This is incredibly helpful as everyone has times of discouragement and the prayers and encouragement seem to come at just the right time.

We have an incredibly amazing Community group that meets every couple weeks at St. Peter’s. It is so wonderful to see and experience the growth in becoming Missional here in the Bay Area. Again the encouragement and support we are able to share is most important. Since there are members of different congregations in our Community Group, we can see what is working and learn how we can support one another. Getting to know people who are not connected to a church is not always easy, but it is most certainly very rewarding. Learning to listen to what their needs are, what their thoughts are is enlightening. Gaining new friends is just wonderful. It is fun to see people’s reaction and get to know them.

We have had some really good opportunities to meet our neighbors and get to know some of them. The neighbors we have spoken with and listened to are looking forward to having a neighborhood pot-luck / block party as the weather gets better. Talking with the ones we have had contact with they agree it would be better to have it in the Spring rather than during the “wet” winter. I am very excited about having this and hope to invite not only our neighbors who live close by, but also see if we can invite the people who come to our Fellowship hall during the week and get to know them as well. Please keep your eyes open for this event and plan to come and meet new people and maybe make new friends. Let’s listen to what they have to say and what their needs may be.

I want to encourage you to ask questions about PLI and our experiences, we would love to tell you what we are doing, what experiences we are enjoying and our successes. We are truly excited about what we are doing, and very grateful for the experiences and opportunities.