PLI – Ministry Moments – Feb. 2017

PLI Ministry Moments

We are looking forward to our next PLI meeting in March. We will be leaving on the 6th of March for Florida. We are looking forward to the conference and getting together face to face with  our mentors, and other participants.

We continue to have our bi-weekly huddles and also our bi-weekly Community group meetings. Our Community group is amazing. We have members from St. Peter’s, Grace, and Zion. These are people who are excited about being Missional Leaders and reaching out to our community and those who don’t know Jesus as yet.

Getting to know the people we are in contact with throughout our week is exciting and encouragement from the members of our group is very helpful. The Community group is going over the materials that we received from our Florida Seminars. It is helpful to share that information as it gives us the opportunity to understand things better and gives the ability for others to learn the techniques we are using and learning.

As we go through the lessons we have learned, and share the material we gain more insight, and learn more from our group. Everyone has amazing stories of getting to know other people and how to listen to what their needs are and get to know them better.

Listening is a key part of PLI and it has been a GREAT experience to listen to what people have to say, people in the church and those who are not yet a part of the church. We are learning to listen to our neighbors and our friends and it is an exciting experience.

It is our hope to have a pot-luck with our neighbors around the church, to get to know them better. Some of our neighbors have expressed interest in this event taking place sometime in the near future. I look forward to getting to know them and hear what they have to say.

I pray you will all come and participate and get to know our neighbors better or possibly for the first time. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please ask me or Pastor, we would love the opportunity to listen and talk with you and to hear what your thoughts are.