PLI – Ministry Moments – December 2016

PLI Ministry MomentsWe have been enjoying our group “huddles” every other week and we had our first Community Group meeting in November, with members from St. Peter’s, Grace, Zion, as well as others not affiliated with the Lutheran Church.  All have something to offer and share with us. This truly is a blessing to hear what others are doing with their congregations and neighbors. We hear about successes, not so successful endeavors and we are learning a lot about how long it takes to have a successful Missional Ministry.  One of the most important lessons I am learning is that God doesn’t give up on us, so why should we give up? When we are weak, He is strong. We MUST trust and have faith in God who can do anything. He can and does use each and every one of us to accomplish HIS goal.

The question I have to ask myself every day is, am I willing to let God use me? There are some days I think to myself, “this is impossible, I’m not strong enough, I’m too tired, I just don’t know what to do”. All these doubts and fears come from Satan, not God. God is there ready to support and help me get past my doubts and my weakness. Satan is there ready and willing, more than willing to fuel my doubts. I need to daily, sometimes hourly remind myself, that I can do all things with God, and that God is bigger than Satan!

So what are things we can do? The ideas are limitless, do we have the “man power” to pull them off? A better question is do we have the “God power” to pull them off? The answer is YES, God will provide the power, we have to be willing to do our part. Is this going to happen over night? Probably not, but I am not willing to give up.

What we need, that everyone can give us, no matter how frail, or tired you may be, is your prayer and support. There are many activities and programs that we can start, we will need help.  For those of you who can’t help, we need your prayers to find the people power to pull them off. We will need to use the facilities, we will need your support and approval to use them. Some ideas that have been shared and that we have had are: starting up a singles ministry, continue to expand and grow the basketball program in place, do our Fall-o-ween Jesus event again, a cooking program – this is something that could be for kids or adults who would like to learn to cook, after school reading program, gardening class for children and adults. There are many more, and if you have ideas of something that can be done, please share that information with me. Finding people who are willing to lead or help with the labor is another thing you can pray for. We can ask other congregations for their help. If they are willing to take time away from their own congregations, great, otherwise we need to be praying for willing people to help out. The one thing we can’t do if we expect to succeed is “Give Up”! We can’t give up if we expect to be successful. Programs can be dreamed up, but one person cannot pull it off alone. Growing the Church is a team effort, it takes prayer and commitment of all the members. To God be the Glory and success.